The Light Logos. The Dark Logos. The Black Logos. Apollo. Dionysus. Cybele. Platonism. Aristotelianism. Materialism. It's all here.

A philosophical masterclass for anyone who wants to understand what Dugin meant when he wrote in The Fourth Political Theory that the coming multipolar world must be noetic. 

Are you with NOUS or against it?


Discover Dugin's Masterpiece.

This course introduces you to to the fundamental thesis of Dugin's 20+ volume book series, Noomakhia. It is the cutting edge of the philosophical study of civilizational multipolarity. You won't find anything like it - anywhere.


Real wars are downstream from philosophical wars.

The title Noomakhia, which literally means “war of the mind” [intellect, nous] – and which can also be conceived of as “war within the mind,” “war of minds,” or even “war against the mind” – is intended to emphasize the conflictual nature of logoi structures as well as the multiplicity of noetic fields, in each of which surprises, conflicts, aporias, struggles, contradictions, and opposition lie in wait for us. 

The field of thinking is the field of warfare: thoughts wage ceaseless wars not only against phenomenality, matter, and their own reorganization into elements...but also against other types of thoughts, other thoughts, and the complex diversity of vertical and horizontal, noetic and noeric chains that permeate the reality of the world on different planes and different geometries. 

Wars between people, including even the most cruel and bloody, are but pale comparisons to the wars of the gods, titans, giants, elements, demons, and angels. And these, in turn, are but figures illustrating even more formidable and profound wars unfolding in the Mind, in the sphere of the Nous and its limits in which the Mind itself borders the zone of Madness. 

Thus, everything is Noomakhia.

THE instructor

Do you remember how when you were in school, one great teacher just changed everything for you? Maybe you signed up for some class you had no interest in just because you had to. Or your friends talked you into joining the class with them. Maybe you even heard rumors of how good that teacher was. Whatever it was, once you took that class your life changed. 

That’s what it’s like studying with Michael Millerman. He has an insight into philosophy and it’s relevance today that few have accomplished. As an expert in political philosophy and the first person to translate “The Most Dangerous Philosopher” into English, no one else is as prepared to help you connect Dugin's texts to contemporary conversations.