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Michael’s enthusiasm for the real-world import of philosophy is immediately palpable, and his fluency expressing a wide range of material is rare.


Need more info?

Who is Michael Millerman?

Michael Millerman is a scholar and educator specializing in political philosophy. With an academic background deeply rooted in the study of Heidegger and Leo Strauss, Millerman has developed a unique approach to teaching and understanding political theory. As the founder of the Millerman School, he is dedicated to offering in-depth analyses and insights into the works of classical and contemporary philosophers. Millerman's teaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of rigorous study, critical thinking, and open discourse. His work aims to equip students with the intellectual tools necessary to navigate and contribute to the complex landscape of political thought.

Is this school only for politically right-leaning people?

The Millerman School is committed to exploring a wide spectrum of political philosophy, including perspectives that have been historically underrepresented or overlooked in mainstream academic discourse. Our focus on figures and ideas to the right of liberalism is driven by an educational philosophy that values diversity of thought and academic rigor. As highlighted by scholars like Allan Bloom in works such as "The Closing of the American Mind," certain significant philosophical viewpoints have been marginalized for various historical and cultural reasons. The school’s curriculum is designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of political thought, and is not exclusive to individuals of any particular political orientation. We welcome students from all backgrounds who are interested in engaging deeply with a broad range of philosophical ideas and debates.

Are there any prerequisites before becoming a member?

There are no strict prerequisites for enrolling in courses at the Millerman School. Our educational offerings are designed to cater to a diverse range of students, from those with no prior exposure to philosophy to individuals holding a PhD in the subject. Everyone, regardless of their background, can gain new insights and deepen their understanding through focused and attentive participation. While certain advanced courses may eventually introduce recommended prerequisites or be structured into a sequential curriculum, our current approach ensures that all students, if they engage diligently with the material, can achieve profound comprehension and appreciation of complex philosophical concepts. However, it is important to note that while our courses are accessible, they are by no means oversimplified; each course rigorously explores significant philosophical texts and ideas, treating both the subject matter and the students with the utmost seriousness and respect.

How many classes are in your catalogue?

The Millerman School currently offers a rich and diverse catalogue of 20 courses, meticulously designed to cover a wide range of philosophical thought. Our curriculum spans from ancient classics such as Plato's Republic and Aristotle's Politics, to contemporary works like Alexander Dugin's Fourth Political Theory and various texts by Martin Heidegger. In addition, our offerings include detailed studies on Rousseau, additional courses on Plato, and comprehensive explorations of Leo Strauss's ideas, alongside insights into counter-revolutionary and conservative revolutionary thinkers such as de Maistre and Van den Bruck. This evolving selection of courses reflects our commitment to providing a well-rounded and in-depth educational experience, catering to a broad array of interests within the realm of political philosophy.

Does it come with credentials?

The Millerman School currently does not offer formal academic credentials or accreditation for its courses. Despite the high qualification of our instructors, including PhD-level expertise, our educational model is primarily focused on deep intellectual engagement and personal growth rather than traditional certification. Our students typically seek out the school not for formal credentials but for the rich learning experience, the opportunity to engage with significant books and ideas, and the chance to discuss these with a knowledgeable instructor and apply them within their various fields of interest, such as education, law, technology, mysticism, and finance, among others. However, recognizing the value of acknowledging the effort and dedication of our students, the Millerman School is equipped to issue certificates of completion upon request. These certificates serve as a testament to the knowledge and insights gained through our courses, although they are not official academic credits. This approach allows our students to focus on what truly matters: learning, understanding, and applying the profound ideas explored in our curriculum.

Is it really worth $3,000 a year?

The $3,000 annual fee for the Millerman School provides exceptional value, granting unlimited access to 20 comprehensive courses and including four hours of private tutoring, a service valued at $800 alone. This investment extends beyond traditional education, offering profound professional and personal growth. Our students, from diverse fields like law, tech, and finance, have attested that our curriculum has significantly enhanced their professional abilities and decision-making skills. The cost reflects not just academic learning but a transformative experience, comparable to or exceeding that of top university professors. It's an investment in a superior form of intellectual development and real-world application.


Where are the Great Men of history?

Michael is one of the most erudite, thorough and bold voices teaching at the intersection of philosophy and political theory today.

Michael Millerman Portrait


Dr. Millerman is a world expert on controversial thinkers.

An award-winning political philosophy scholar and teacher, Dr. Millerman earned his PhD in Political Science from the University of Toronto in 2018 and is the author of Beginning with Heidegger and Inside "Putin's Brain": The Political Philosophy of Alexander Dugin, as well as numerous articles on education, political philosophy, and geopolitics. He lives in Montreal with his wife and three children.