An unusual introduction to Heidegger.

Go beyond the scandalous headlines into the heart of Heidegger's mission. Millerman provides expert guidance through the main themes of Heidegger's most infamous writing.

The course does not go through each and every single paragraph, sentence, and word of the notebooks. It does highlight important reflections and elaborate on them in a way that serves as a comprehensive introduction to Heidegger's concerns.

Current course only deals with Ponderings II-VI, selectively. I promise that you will get deep insight into Heidegger, philosophy, and yourself in this program.

Meet your instructor: Michael Millerman

My goal is to help you understand Heidegger. Passages that were completely opaque will become comprehensible. You'll begin to grasp the specific character of Heidegger's understanding of philosophy. In the best case, you'll experience the unshakeable joy of philosophical transformation that he wrote about.

Google "Millerman Heidegger" if you'd like to watch, read, or listen to some of my freely available work on Heidegger.

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