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It’s not superficial. It’s deep thinking about root’s very enriching.

— Marilyn

Return to learn

Marilyn wanted to reconnect with her passion for philosophy after decades. The courses are challenging her and helping her to understand difficult, foundational texts, like Plato's Republic and Aristotle's Politics. Marilyn used to be a Democrat who dismissed conservative and Republican authors without actually studying their perspective on politics. "I didn't have any political education or awareness," she says. But now that she is retired, she can study authors in a way that is not superficial, pedantic, or partisan. "It's just the truth about life, and about we approach life and how to improve ourselves."

It's a very high value program... You really are passionate about these issues and questions and you bring that to your study and your teaching. I'm very glad that I did both the course and the tutoring together.


Go beyond ideological academia

Nick finished graduate school and, encountering the hostile progressivism of academia, he set out to do a self-study in the great books, starting with Plato and Socrates. He reached out and ended up taking a course on Plato's Republic, together with the live group support. This detailed deep-dive into the text and the surrounding issues of interpretation helped bring key questions to light, while connecting the topics from the book to contemporary affairs.

I’d recommend your courses to people who are new to philosophy or people who have a background in it.


Learn online at your own pace

Steve is taking advantage of the new renaissance of online philosophy courses taught by passionate instructors who left academia. He says that one of the major things he got out of the course was learning how to read these books in a way that you understand and see more than you would have on your own.

It offered a way of seeing and thinking that provided a brand new framework.

— Kristina

First encounter with philosophy

Kristina is an undergraduate student in English literature. She has taken some philosophy classes before, but they were never quite as clear as she would have liked and, frustratingly, the professors often used the occasion of their lectures to opine about current affairs from a position of obvious political bias. Kristina wanted to understand philosophy better, with more substantive signal and less ideological noise. She enrolled in the course on Dugin's Noomakhia and says that the instruction made it easier than ever to comprehend the substance of the philosophical teachings, as well as their significance. Kristina, like several of our clients, got from our private instruction what she expected from the university but what they failed to deliver - genuinely insightful education.

I could not see what I learned to see from you.

— Michael Michailidis

On Strauss, Heidegger

Michael - the creator of Ancient Greece Revisited and the host of the On Tyranny podcast - found out about us through my interview with Students for Western Civilization. He was intrigued by the idea of "right-wing anti-liberalism" and especially by the thought that, as a rule, we do not study the thinkers from that tradition. He heard me mention Leo Strauss and Martin Heidegger and reached out for private tutoring.

Sasha on Plato, Heidegger

“Michael’s enthusiasm for the real-world import of philosophy is immediately palpable, and his command of a wide-range of material, and fluency expressing it, is rare. I reached out with some frustrations about Heidegger, and Michael immediately offered to sit down and talk them through with me — for an hour! He empathized with where I was coming from, and patiently walked me through how he thinks about it, including a number of analogies that really clarified things. Throughout, his love for the questions involved was apparent and infectious, and I left both less confused and more interested in a subject that I had found quite frustrating just before. An absolutely excellent teacher!”

Hamal on Plato's Republic

“Philosophy can be defined as the love of wisdom, in order to love something you must give it your all. After learning from Michael Millerman I’m convinced he has given his all to learn, understand and share the knowledge he has gained, while limiting the opine nature of philosophy in his presentation.
I would highly recommend taking advantage of any opportunity to learn from Michael Millerman, and would not be surprised to find out that you like me ended with a new perception of not only philosophy but of how to view life. What you do with that new perception is up to you.”

Lesley on Philosophy Tutoring

“Michael has an extraordinary ability to understand complex literature and apply it into meaningful and easy to understand concepts. He is a quick and logical thinker, but also quite personable. He creates a positive experience for all types of learners.”

Alex Kaschuta on On Tyranny

“Michael is one of the most erudite, thorough and bold voices teaching at the intersection of philosophy and political theory today. His style is crystal clear, bringing complex and important material to life without compromising nuance or shying away from the big questions. Reading “On Tyranny” in parallel with the course, I was struck by how much more digestible the text and more understandable the context was with Michael’s guidance. Though I tend temperamentally to favor Strauss’ worldview, I’ve learned a lot from how Michael interprets Kojeve’s perspective and the context he presents around the two worldviews. Overall, this was a masterclass in pedagogy and evenhandedness and made me both want to learn more about Strauss through Michael’s lens and explore more of the ideas that this course opens up."

I don’t think I could have got a better start in my study of philosophy.

— Nathan

Reawakening the tradition

Nathan came to us in order to get a strong foundation in classical philosophy. He had been researching philosophical arguments for and against veganism but had noticed that it was hard to orient himself among the many books addressing that topic. Part of the problem was that all the authors seem to be referring back to other authors and to the long tradition of Western philosophy. Nathan decided to go to the source: Plato. He saw that we were offering a Plato course and took it. From the first meeting, Nathan gained direct access to Plato’s Republic that he would not have found without our guidance, except, in the best case, after a prohibitively long period of self-study. We helped him see what’s going on in the book in a way that’s not obvious at first glance and got him off on the right foot in his introduction to the foundations of philosophy.

Michael Millerman is a phenomenal teacher and sense maker.

— MC

Deeper professional development

"He is whip smart and successfully imparts key teachings from often dense and somewhat opaque readings as only someone who truly lives and breathes the material can, while encouraging his students to critically examine the material themselves. Those who went to law school in the Paper Chase days will recognize the Socratic techniques he uses! I recommend taking anything Millerman teaches. It’s worth it to be challenged to think in new ways, and to witness how a first class mind like Millerman’s dissects philosophical questions. But his academic sweet spots are Heidegger, Strauss, Dugin, and the classical philosophers like Plato. His Strauss and Plato classes were out of this world. Another joy of his classes are the very interesting students from all over the world - academics (PhD students), entrepreneurs, tech founders, data scientists, mavericks, lawyers. Curious, lifelong learners all."

It was a terrific experience, and I highly recommend this course.


First Class Instruction

“You are the type of professor who, if I were still at Stanford, I would look to see if you were offering any class every quarter so I can take it, no matter what it was. You're that level of teacher—I always learn something, maybe something I didn't even plan on, from taking a course of yours. I put you in that category. Anyone would benefit from taking anything you’re offering, at any point in time. It's a really interesting time to look at this sort of online unaffiliated university opportunity. Millerman School is a good place to start.”

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