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Plato’s Republic: #1 BEST-SELLER

A complete walkthrough of Plato’s masterpiece, delivered in ten 2-hour sessions, with extras and bonuses. Learn More

The Roots of Political Philosophy

Ten forgotten Socratic dialogues covered in ten sessions. Topics include beauty, lies, justice, and tyranny. Learn More

Aristotle’s Politics

A comprehensive walkthrough of perhaps the most famous book on politics ever written. “Man is a political animal.”
Learn More

Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra

The Last Man. The Superman. Will to Power. Eternal Return. It’s all here. The course covers the entire book. Let’s go. Learn More

Heidegger’s Being and Time

Notoriously difficult. But worth the effort. In this course, I do everything in my power to make Heidegger's book on the meaning of being comprehensible. Learn More

Heidegger’s Contributions to Philosophy

Heidegger’s “Second Masterpiece” goes beyond Being and Time to discuss "another beginning of philosophy." This is a crucially important work for understanding Heidegger. Learn More

Intro to Heidegger’s Black Notebooks

An unorthodox introduction to Heidegger based on selective exposition of his notorious Black Notebooks. You'll learn many key Heideggerian ideas in this strange little course. Learn More

Heidegger on Plato’s Doctrine of Truth

The greatest philosopher of the 20th century, Heidegger, commented on the most famous image in philosophy, Plato's cave allegory. This course is on his commentary. Learn More

Introduction to Leo Strauss

Leo Strauss is a pillar of the Millerman School. He was the greatest scholar of political philosophy in a long time, if not ever. This course walks you through some of his major essays and ideas. Learn More

Leo Strauss’s On Tyranny

The first course ever released at the Millerman School is on this great work by Leo Strauss, which includes his debate with Alexander Kojeve about the relationship of wisdom to tyranny and time. Learn More

Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory

Discover Dugin’s revolutionary manifesto, written by its co-translator, one of the world's leading Dugin scholars. Learn More

Introduction to Dugin’s Noomakhia

This course is an introduction to Dugin's magnum opus, his philosophical analysis of civilizational multipolarity called Noomakhia (Wars of Nous). Learn More

Rousseau’s Politics and the Arts

Rousseau’s study of the classic question of how art affects morals/mores and therefore politics. Inspired by Plato. Learn More

Philosophical Analysis of Manliness

An introduction to the history of political philosophy—ancient, modern, and postmodern—through the lens of the shifting meaning of manliness. Learn More

Joseph de Maistre on God and Society

Discover this counter-revolutionary classic. Learn More

van den Bruck on Germany’s Third Empire

Perhaps the strongest statement of the German Conservative Revolution written during the Weimar period. Learn More

Carl Schmitt’s Legality and Legitimacy

This course discusses Schmitt’s great analysis of the nature, and failure, of the Weimar constitution on the eve of the Nazi ascension to power. Learn More

Soloveitchik’s The Lonely Man of Faith

A book about the duality of man’s nature, which hangs between the drive for technical mastery and the need for redemption. Learn More

Rousseau on the Government of Poland

Rousseau advised the Polish government on their constitutional crisis. His advice is a case study in the quarrel between the ancients and the moderns and an example of classical republicanism at work. Learn More

Alcibiades I: On the Soul

Plato shows us the most brilliant man and the most beautiful man in Athens discoursing about the nature of rule. This dialogue was once the standard starting point for anyone receiving an education in Plato's philosophy. Learn More

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