Discover a deeper source of meaning.

Have you ever felt like there is something more to life? Perhaps you’ve even had a deep religious experience that you couldn’t put into words. How can you describe what you experienced?

In this course you’ll discover the same thing Zen practitioners and others did when studying Heidegger. You’ll discover how to put your experience into words. To explain it to yourself, and others if you so choose.

To truly understand it.


Experience deep change through the course on Being and Time.

Even if

  • You’ve never studied philosophy before
  • You’ve tried to read this book and failed 3, 4, 5+ times
  •  You don’t know who Heidegger is...

These four sessions will help you have a breakthrough in understanding Heidegger and the human being.

Experience transformation

Haven’t gone through a religious experience or touched the deeper side of life?

Heidegger aimed at what he called "the essential transformation of the human being." He isn't just giving you theory. He's walking you through a sort of conversion that snaps you out of a stupor and wakes you up to your true nature.

There's a reason Heidegger has been read and admired by theologians and mystics of all faiths. There's something that his fundamental ontology brings out that rings true to the deepest human experiences.

It's time you discover why.

learn to think

Learning to read Heidegger teaches you how to think.

You know those great thinkers who come around once every century, if not even more rarely, and who set the terms of the debate for everyone else? People like Plato and Aristotle?

Heidegger is one of them, the few, rare outstanding figures in the history of philosophy. He revolutionized philosophy, influencing great thinkers around the world and across the political spectrum.

His influence is everywhere. You'll understand so much more when you start to recognize that.

Even more important than his influence, though, is the sheer depth and concentration of his thought.

After taking this four-hour, course you’ll understand Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time. And you'll start to understand all the other people Heidegger influenced, including:

Leo Strauss

Alexander Dugin

Hannah Arendt

Karl Löwith

Jacques Derrida

Giorgio Agamben

Emmanuel Levinas

Richard Rorty

Werner Erhard

Hubert Dreyfus

Hans Jonas

...and many others.

You’ll undergo the same transformation that others have gone through in reading Being and Time. Dasein, anxiety, authenticity, being-towards-death, historicity...these won't just be jargon words for you anymore. You'll know what Heidegger meant by them and you'll be able to relate them to your own life.

The biggest payoff in reading Heidegger is the "unshakeable joy" that comes from understanding.

You'll know what you're talking about...

Have you ever wanted to engage in conversations with others and actually understand how they arrived at their thinking, not just in a way where you know what news channel they watch, but deeper than that...getting to the very foundations of what their thinking is built on, and better than they understand it themselves?

Imagine yourself in your next conversation. Your friend starts to tell you all the fears of Artificial Intelligence. Why he thinks it will take over the world and he’s scared to go out during the day.

You easily respond that his understanding of AI is missing an essential part of what it means to be human. What it actually means to be. This point is so important, that famed computer scientist Hubert Dreyfus used this same thinking from his study of Heidegger in his fundamental challenge to the full claims of what Artificial Intelligence could accomplish 30 years ago, fundamentals that are still true in today’s conversation around AI. 

As you explain this to your friend. They’re awed by your depth of knowledge and the conversation finally goes deeper...to truly stimulating levels of understanding, instead of the surface level fears you hear in the current thing. Reading Heidegger lets you take the conversation to a more fundamental level. Even your ignorance and uncertainty will become clearer as you master Heidegger's thought.