What you'll Learn

Is Heidegger is the key to our past and future?

What was the first beginning of philosophy?

What are the stages or phases of the first beginning of philosophy?

Why does Heidegger say that the first beginning of philosophy has come to an end?

What is another beginning of philosophy?

What is the implied political philosophy of the other beginning, if there is one?

What does Heidegger say about Plato and Nietzsche?

How does the Contributions relate to Being and Time?


Heidegger's Hidden Masterpiece

Metaphysics has ended. Inceptual thinking is here. Are you among "the few and the rare" who are called to care for the destiny of the world?

The course will help you find your footing so that this difficult, incredible text does not slip away from you.

  Contributions to Philosophy (of the Event)
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