What you'll learn

We are studying The Roots of Political Philosophy

  • Essential for students of Platonic political philosophy
  • Go beyond what you know about Plato and Socrates
  • Learn about Wisdom, Courage, Lies, Law, Gain, Justice, The Nature of Man, and more.
  • Ten great dialogues explored with the help of Straussian commentaries
  • You'll be amazed at the enduring relevance of Plato's deceptively simple dialogues


Platonic Political Philosophy

"Opening an entirely new dimension of Platonic studies, The Roots of Political Philosophy addresses, in a fresh or unfamiliar perspective, major themes and puzzles such as: the nature of law, of property, and of acquisitiveness; the meaning of Socrates' famous 'demonic voice'; what is at stake in the poetic claim to inspiration; and the psychology of the tyrannic as opposed to the statesmanlike or political personality."