Dive into Plato's Alcibiades I, a dialogue that inquires into both what it is to be a ruler and the nature of the soul.

"For the later Neoplatonists, the Alcibiades represents a crucial step on the ‘ladder’ of excellence’s cultivation: it is literally the gateway to philosophical excellence..."

–Michael Griffin

"Why, holy Socrates, must you always adore
This young man? Is there nothing greater than he?
Why do you look on him
Lovingly, as on a god?"

"Who the deepest has thought, loves what is most alive,
Who has looked at the world, understands youth at its height,
And wise men in the end
Often incline to beauty."

–Hölderlin's Socrates and Alcibiades

Discover Socrates's conversation with a young, beautiful, promising, noble-born, and ambitious Athenian named Alcibiades.

  Alcibiades I: On the Soul
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