Political Science Student Resources

Alexander Dugin's Noomakhia

Democracy: for and against

Fukuyama vs. Huntington

Selective Breeding and the Birth of Philosophy

What is Right-Wing Anti-Liberalism?

Millerman Youtube Videos

Another Beginning of Philosophy

Interview about Mysticism, Political Philosophy and Alternative Academia

The Illiberal Tradition

Friedrich Nietzsche - The Use and Abuse of History

Julius Evola - Notes on the Third Reich

Julius Evola - Fascism Viewed From The Right

Political Mythologies

What is Dasein? (Intro to Heidegger)

Why Students Are Terrified To Speak Their Minds

Academic Bias and Right-Wing Anti-Liberalism

Millerman Talks Interview with Alexander Dugin

Dugin for Dummies

Applied Heideggerianism

Bronze Age Mindset: A Book on Fire

Liberalism: Ancient and Modern

German Nihilism

Introduction to the Fourth Political Theory

Who is Alexander Dugin?

Another Dugin Interview

Carl Schmitt: The Concept of the Political

Leo Strauss, Neoconservatism, and Noble Lies

Leo Strauss's Thoughts on Machiavelli

Uncovering Leo Strauss

Leo Strauss on Persecution and Esoteric Writing

Books on Education

The Legacy of Isocrates and a Platonic Alternative (Book)

Other Helpful Links

Leo Strauss Center Audio and Transcripts

Leo Strauss, "What is Liberal Education?" (Text)

On Alexander Dugin (Text)

Technology Lecture (Text)

National Post Article (Text)

Strauss, Heidegger, Dugin, Russia, and the West (Text)

Interview with a Condemned Academic (Text)

Beginning with Heidegger (Book)

Beyond Silicon Valley: The Call of the Philosopher King