Why Not Individual Courses?

I have noticed that the best students are not looking to master a single thinker. Rather, they want to read everything to understand how it all relates. Every book, every course, is part of a larger, more comprehensive inquiry, and it's that inquiry, more than just one specific book, that the top students are pursuing with my help.

If you're just looking to study a single author, you have options. If you want to learn Plato, you have commentaries by Leo Strauss and Allan Bloom that you could read on your own. This is for people who have an appetite for the comprehensive inquiry, rather than someone who just wants to read a little here or there.

Many people are on this path to develop a deeper understanding. So our membership doesn't just stop with the courses. Over time we'll be adding more benefits to help you make connections and deepen your understanding.

Who is it for?

The typical Millerman School member is an intellectually curious software engineer, tech CEO, founder or funder. Members tend to be concerned about the crisis of institutions, culture, and politics and are looking for deeper resources to help them understand the history of political thought.

In some cases members are already familiar with the names of the big authors we teach, people like Leo Strauss, perhaps because of Thiel's "Straussian Moment" or some other such source, But now they're ready to spend the time, money, effort to understand those thinkers better.

Not sure yet whether that describes you?

Connect with me directly and let's talk.

Join the Millerman School

You get instant access to the full course catalogue and a private call with me once per quarter. You can also email your questions about philosophy and politics to [email protected]. And look out for member-only events, announced to members by email.


Plato's Republic

The Roots of Political Philosophy

Aristotle's Politics

Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Heidegger's Being and Time

Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy

Intro to Heidegger's Black Notebooks

Heidegger on Plato's Doctrine of Truth

Introduction to Leo Strauss

Leo Strauss's On Tyranny

Dugin's Fourth Political Theory

Introduction to Dugin's Noomakhia

Rousseau's Politics and the Arts

Philosophical Analysis of Manliness

Joseph de Maistre on God and Society

van den Bruck on Germany's Third Empire

Carl Schmitt's Legality and Legitimacy

Soloveitchik's The Lonely Man of Faith

Rousseau on the Government of Poland

Plato’s Laws (under development)

Get them all with your membership for $3000.