Millerman School launched in 2021 with a single course on Leo Strauss's On Tyranny. We've grown a lot since. As we've grown, we've learned more about what you want. That's why we're now offering the Big Course Bundle as the preferred way to provide you more value, beyond single courses. The Big Bundle is the best way to explore the connections between the great books and big questions, with the help of private tutoring and group discussion. It's also an opportunity for you to develop your philosophical projects, whether that's publishing, developing an idea, or honing your arguments.

But we know there's a group of you that isn't ready for that yet. You're still interested in taking specific courses. And so for you, individual course sales are still available on this page.

We have a great selection for you to choose from.

Take a look below and get started.

Finally, if you want MORE than one course but LESS than the BIG BUNDLE...

the CORE COURSE BUNDLE is for you.

And remember, you can always upgrade to a bundle or membership at a discount by emailing [email protected].

For example, if you've spent $500 on a course but want the core course bundle, it will only cost you $1500.

Your course purchases are always credited towards any upgrade.